Moon Guard Application

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Moon Guard Application

Post by Valynn Lionhart on Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:53 pm

The Moonguard is our name for Officers.  Currently we have some Moon Guard positions open.  We welcome you to fill out an application if you are interested in helping with Moon's leadership.  Please keep in mind that the Moon Guard is asked to represent Moon 100%.  You also must have been in the guild for at least 2 weeks for us to consider the possibility of making you a MoonGuard.

Some of the Duties: (Please note that right now all Moon Guard are general, but you can make events for any of these main areas and more.)

Role Playing: Aids in the creation of, scheduling, and hosting of Moon Role Playing events.

Player vs Environment: Aids  with creating, scheduling, and hosting PvE events (Dungeons, Fractals, Assists with Raid organization, and other PvE events).  

In addition to these specific duties, some general duties are: (but are not limited to)

1.) Monitoring guild and voice chat as well as the online forums to ensure Moonies follow the guild chat rules.

2.) Log into the website and monitor the forums on a regular basis.

3.) Be active in the game and provide general help/question answering for Moonies.

4.) Attend guild leadership meetings. (Will be held as needed which is usually bi-weekly)

5.) Also helps with some light recruitment.  

Moon Guard Application: (Copy and paste this template into your reply and fill in your answers.)

1.) Do you have an previous leadership experience in an MMORPG?

2.) Are you a dedicated Guild Wars 2 player who loves the game and will come on to play regularly?

3.) Are you able to commit to representing Moon 100%?  (With the exception of needing to rep off for a bank storage guild).

4.) Are you willing to use the forums frequently? (at least every other day)

5.) What is your age? (If you are uncomfortable sharing this, you may refrain from answering.  Be advised that no one under age 18 years of age is permitted to be a Moonguard.)

6.) Why are you interested in applying for a Moonguard position?

7.)  What are your main interests in the game? (Role Playing, Player vs Environment, Player vs Player, etc.)

Thank you so much for your application!  We appreciate your interest in helping us with Moon's leadership.  One of Moon's leaders will review it and let you know if you are accepted.
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