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Post by Nefrin on Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:14 pm


Game handle is Nefrin.1863, though I am usually on either Calachus (Ranger/Druid) or Kiredis (Ele/Tempest). As of late, more time spent on Cal than Kire.

I really enjoy group content, so if you want someone to run through dungeons with you that doesn't mind going slow, ask for me in guild chat or a whisper if I'm online. As of now I have only done 2 dungeons, so I need to get familiar with them myself. I am also willing and wanting to try out fractals. I'd enjoy seeing the [Moon] tag on every person in the group.

Even if you just need a hand with a tough Vet or an event (or a story mission), chances are I will be available to help out.

I have some limited RP experience, mostly tabletop and very little online, but I am up for learning or experimenting in the future.

This was just a brief intro to me. I've chatted with some of you in guild chat already, and group with some of you doing dungeons, all of which has been fun Very Happy

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